7 eco-friendly crochet patterns

Making your own home goods, clothing, and accessories can be even more satisfying when you know it's reducing your footprint on the Earth. What makes a something "eco-friendly"? It's a rather broad term, and is probably applied in places where it shouldn't be. There's no universal definition. I tend to think of eco-friendly crochet patterns as ones that … Continue reading 7 eco-friendly crochet patterns


Cedar Stitch Washcloth: New Stitch, New Pattern

Finally, I've written a crochet pattern! It's small and simple, but pretty and practical. It uses the Cedar Stitch, which is the name I've given to a stitch pattern that I created. Of course, the world of crochet on the internet is vast, so if you come across its twin with a different name, please … Continue reading Cedar Stitch Washcloth: New Stitch, New Pattern