My library fan art

Throughout the pandemic, I’ve been doing little art and craft projects here and there, usually while my son is napping. It’s relaxing, gives me something productive and fun to focus on, and prevents me from doing too many physically strenuous things that make my CFS worse.

I’ve always been a dabbler in drawing and painting. Buildings were never one of the things I felt particularly drawn to draw (sorry), but after falling in love with some photographs of thatched roof cottages and side streets in Edinburgh, Scotland, I decided to try it out.

After a few doodles came out well enough to satisfy me, I decided to try painting my local libraries in ink and watercolor. I’m part of the fundraising team that supports this library system, which was a big part of what motivated me to take on the project. Plus, I love libraries and I think ours are particularly lovely. And cute.

So, here are my three pieces of “library fan art.” I sketched each one in pencil, then pen, then added watercolor. There are some things I’d do differently for the last two, since I’m not a very experienced watercolor-er, but I’m still happy with ’em.

(P.S. These are just photos I snapped directly from my notebook, which is why they look curved.)

IMG_20200630_141832IMG_20200704_084300IMG_20200723_130704 (1)


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