Chronic Illness, Writing

Lesson 4: Everything Changes

Today I woke up with a headache, feeling slightly groggy.

By mid-morning, I felt a little better.

In the afternoon, I was tired and foggy in the head, but I couldn’t seem to nap.

My limbs started tingling, which happens from time to time. That went away before dinner.

Now I’m feeling decent.

Everything changes.

constant change

It’s not much consolation when you keep getting knocked down by symptoms of your chronic illness. Some days it feels like I’m getting punched in the stomach, and just as I get up off the ground to recover, I get punched again. Over and over and over.

But I at least know that things will change. Could they get worse? Sure. But they could get better, too. Things tend to ebb and flow.

And there’s always a chance that my body will gradually fix itself, or someone will come up with a way to fix it.

When I feel my worst, I try to remember this.


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