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You can put anything into a sushi roll


I recently cooked some egg in a pan and put it in a sushi roll. I did this because the only other thing in the sushi roll was carrots, and that didn’t seem like the most nutritionally complete meal.

This is, in the grand scheme of things, not a big deal.

But, when you’re used to making your dinners “just so” or ordering a delicious meal when you just don’t have the time to cook, you can feel guilty when you start to break your own cooking rules and just do whatever is most convenient. At any moment, the foodie police could break down your door and arrest you for culinary crimes.


I don’t often have the energy to cook the way I used to. Grocery shopping can only happen on days when I’m feeling well enough to do it. I also developed such extreme food intolerances along with CFS that eating out is very challenging. So, throwing together odds n’ ends from the fridge and cupboard is kind of a necessity (as I’m sure many parents can understand, or people with chronic illnesses, or people who are just really busy).

It’s kind of liberating to have these “whatever” food moments, actually. Who made these cooking rules, anyways? I understand the desire to create authentic meals if that’s what you’re going for, and the importance of honoring food traditions from around the world. But the rules in one culture can vary greatly from the rules in another, and things change drastically over time. It’s all about adapting to what currently works for you.

The funny thing is, scrambled or omelette-style eggs are used often in Japanese cooking. They don’t usually go into a sushi roll, but are served on their own in a rolled-up sheet and called tamagoyaki.

My egg-a-licious sushi rolls. At least my rolls have nori on the outside, unlike those tacky American sushi rolls.

So, in the end, if you feel like you are breaking all the cooking rules, just remember that somewhere, what you’ve made might actually be (or become) a delicacy or a traditional dish.

If it works for you and tastes good to you, just cook it.


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