I have a gallery now

Okay, it’s an online gallery. Here, on my own blog. But it’s very convenient, yes?

Come peruse my art at this free, virtual, timeless gallery opening. Bring your own refreshments—anything you like. Beer, wine, gluten free brownies, a hoagie, cat food if you want to bring your cat.

I have more pieces to upload, and I’ll include a little blog post every time I add something new to the gallery.

And, for the curious, here’s a very brief interview with the artist:

Me: So, what’s your art about?

Me: Anything that’s on my mind, really. Sometimes it’s a weather map I see in the news, other times it’s a feeling or a sensation or a set of colors that I notice. It’s usually inspired by nature and science.

Me: What’s that stuff that you put on the paper? What’s that called? A medium?

Me: I usually start with watercolor on paper, then often use colored pencil and white pen. Lately I’m trying out gouache for a richer, more opaque color.

Me: Why the circles?

Me: I don’t have much time to make art, so I wanted a very small, contained way of painting something. I like the look of a circular canvas. It’s like looking through a porthole or a microscope. Is our range of vision circular? Or square? Or blobby? I need to Google this.

Me: [takes out phone, gets distracted]


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