Lesson 8: Ask for Help

Last week I checked something off my to-do list that’s been sitting there for a couple of months: organizing our workshop area in the basement.

It’s the kind of thing I love to do, but I needed some help with the physical part, and—to be honest—the “focusing” part.

I was reluctant to ask for help with this, because a) I’m stubborn and I like to do things myself, b) it felt like a daunting task, and c) I was lost in the delusion that I would only be satisfied with the outcome if I did the job myself.

Also, I’ve never been a person who was quick to ask for help.

Eventually I realized that the only way to get it sorted was to call up a friend that I worked well with and who would also enjoy the task to some degree.

Lucky for me, I have teacher friends who are industrious, fit, and mostly free during the summer.

I bit the bullet and texted one such teacher friend, promising a hearty lunch or some form of reward in return for the help. She was more than happy to help, with or without lunch. What a relief!

We had a great time organizing and blabbering and ate a delicious lunch afterward. To me, at least, it didn’t even feel like a chore. It felt like quality time with a friend.

So, what did I learn from this?

  1. People are usually more willing to give help than I realize.
  2. Doing a job with other people can be really, really fun.
  3. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. I have plenty of things I can help other people with, and I do so quite frequently.



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