I’m working on two crochet projects right now: one huge blanket in bulky yarn, and one small infinity scarf in fine, sock-weight yarn.

They are testing my patience.

They are both repetitive—the blanket is just the same two stitches over and over again, while the scarf has alternating rows of an very simple pattern. I could have chosen different designs, but, darn it, I wanted these ones.

The teeny tiny hook and fine yarn make the scarf slow to work up. The size of the blanket is what makes it never-ending and cumbersome.

Windowpane Scarf pattern by Adrienne Lash, in Knitting Fever Painted Desert yarn
Linen stitch blanket of my own design in Cozy Wool, with complimentary dogface

I find that I get more impatient and bored spending one hour working on projects like these to than I do with projects that finish quickly or have a complicated pattern. Is it because the end is in sight? Is it because the complexity keeps my brain occupied and gives me a sense of satisfaction when I see the pattern work up?

Lately my days are more like a large, single-stitch afghan: plodding along, not usually veering off in any exciting directions, and just trying to accomplish something little by little. And being a little impatient—to get my health back, to get my work back, or just to clean the kitchen.

I’ve never been the most patient person, but I’m learning out of necessity. Which, honestly, may have been the only way!



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